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If you can browser the external web (for example, outside the firewall) with Internet Explorer, then your proxy settings are properly set up.

The installer does not understand the proxy settings specified in Netscape/Mozilla.

If you want to upload a new version of your app, the application ID (and the certificate you sign it with) must be the same as the original APK—if you change the application ID, Google Play Store treats the APK as a completely different app.

So once you publish your app, you should never change the application ID.

Q: I encountered the error "Error 1606: Could not access network location file MSI/CAB and still fail after immediate retry." when running the Java SE installer. A: This problem occurs when the server is too busy or when the network is too congested to serve the file. Q: I encountered the error "This installation package could not be opened.

Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package." when running the Java SE installer.

This ID uniquely identifies your app on the device and in Google Play Store.

In addition, some Java files could be locked and cannot be replaced without a reboot.

Note: The Java installer detects if certain files are locked and will prompt you to close those applications that are locking the files so that a reboot can be avoided.

To shutdown these processes, simply uncheck the "Check for Updates Automatically" check box in the Update tab of Java Control Panel. After Java Update updates my system, my browser still uses the Microsoft Virtual Machine (VM), or an earlier version of the Java VM, to run applets. A: If you installed the JRE through the Custom option but unchecked the browser selections, you may run into this situation.

To fix the problem, go to the Browser tab in Java Control Panel and check the browsers that you want to run the newly installed version of Java.

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Check that your system is currently connected to the network and try it again.

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